Felting,stitching and embellishing fibres

lots of piccies

I love the textures here, working on copying them into my work wonder how old this lichen is ??? This little chap is my favourite from this years lambs.There is something about his face and in the places… Read More

Not for the fainthearted

2new rings. The 1st a large oblong of pink quartz with cream merino surround and lavender ring base.The 2nd is white stone with lavender merino surround and white ring base. The cloth they stand on I embroidered over… Read More

Summer fields Asymetrical top

my new totally reversible asymetrical top ,here   is view 1 view 2 this has been such fun to do and plan and dye the fabrics. 1 bodice view summer fields from this year and last year around… Read More

Sweetpea Waterfall Jacket

new jacket wild silk dyed and then nuno felt with merino prefelt and blanket stitch for effect in many colours –very lightweight. I am producing small photobooks detailing the photographic journey of these jackets which will be for… Read More

new nuno waterfall top

I am felting and designing in a frenzy here –keeps my brain occupied until I hear my young ones are safe .The local radio did  a l ink up for me and I did speak to both of… Read More


Love these colours so zingy.looking back at my jackjet/top work I realise that I lost all my lemon and all my orange blocks of colour so went back through the photos to try and discover how and when… Read More

sample colours for top

sample showing addition of tussah silk and also merino fibres in a lovely turquoise colour–think this makes the limey green sing .Isn’t it nice to see Summer in the air the lavender budding away and being able to… Read More

New Jacket/Top

making a new top and desperate to get one which I can just throw on over whatever I am wearing within reason. I have sketched my idea out and I have dyed some silk prior to making my… Read More


Well I am back from my sons wedding in Durham and even though I say it myself the whole affair was magnificent ,beautiful bride beautiful day, stunning location and unbelievable pomp and ceremony in the cathedral.The bridal gown… Read More

More bags

Like everything else addictive 1 is never enough so beacause I got away with it once, yesterday saw me playing again with my fibres and I wanted to make my sister a bag –now she loves blues etc… Read More


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