Jacket and winter returns

good morning Chrissie 21st February and this is the sight which greeted me this morning –last week sunshine birds singing, blue skies,rabbits chasing around,today 4″ snow and more forecast—crazy crazy

well onto thejacket bound buttonholes in progress exactlyas we did before and now folded in to opposite side ready to be stitched down and for this jacet I fancy rows of emroidery stitches or stab stitching around the button.

one nex job todo is to face bind the armole and this we will use a strip of dyed silk chiffon  4″ wide strip of dyed silk chiffon   double this and pin around edge  of armhole  on the right side of the jacket wi th non-folded  edges in th stitching line machine o r handstitch into place on right side.I normally make each armhole a differing  tone of colourrol the silk in your f ingers and p in close  to stitching line  on the  wrong side slipstith down