Sad news today

I ordered some silks today from Wingham and actually got to speak to Ruth who I have not spoken to for yonks. I asked her about Glaramara and whether there would be classes in Feb next year or August and sadly the answer is no.So unless someone else wants to arrange to do this venue it looks like felting at Glaramara will just become a memory.We had great times there and I am very tempted to run a course there myself although there would  not be a fibre tent  for you all.

Are somethings best left to the memory or not hmm I will ponder.

It looks very likely I will be teaching in America next year which is very exciting and I feel very honoured to be asked .

I am getting worried re the Top as it has now been travelling 5 days to Steph it must get there soon .Hers another peep at it —Steph close your eyes –tight shut.