Driving me crazy

So todayI did — to the —–,really like the look.I am making the secret jacket and before I hung the — to dry I checked the garden for hidden cameras,didn’t find any so think Steph is still stateside but have a watch on all ports and airports haha. Had an incredible brainwave at 3.ooam yesterday re the ——- and put said brainstorm into practise,really please with the result ,needed to borrow a plate from the kitchen hmmm did not please my husband ┬álosing plates to my studio but lost a template I needed.

I t has been a good felting day and good for drying ,even had 5 mins to test the sun lounger with the few rays beaming down on me.So have —- and then threaded ┬ámy ——,then sat here all through the MATCH ——-on the ———-,took loads of piccies of the process which look great the colours of —– with the ——- wow .

Sorry Stephanie I am teasing you, know you will log in to read this so I cannot write anything which is driving me crazy.