haha get this

so todayI did nothing to the chicken—–,really like the look.I am making the secret jacket and before I hung the peskybird to dry I checked the garden for hidden cameras,didn’t find any so think Steph is still stateside but have a watch on all ports and airports haha. Had an incredible brainwave at 3.ooam yesterday re the chickencoop and put said brainstorm into practise,really please with the result ,needed to borrow a plate from the kitchen hmmm did not please my husband  losing plates to my studio but lost a template I needed.

I t has been a good felting day and good for drying ,even had 5 mins to test the sun lounger with the few rays beaming down on me.So have cake and then threaded  my needlethen sat here all through the MATCH today on the settee took loads of piccies of the process which look great the colours of rainbows with the colours of your eyes wow

Ok work this one out .Chopper overhead all day so have stayed in with curtains drawn and leave for Copenhagen on Friday am so must take this pesky chicken with me ,byeeeee