Easy Negative Imagery For Nuno





An actual photo of poppy head    print it then cut out. Do this with a few differing angle shots.

Now place these onto your silk or cotton (no manmade fibre) and using silk dye stipple around the cut outs, Put as much colour on as you wish for your background

When the silk dye is dry roll up in newspaper so no silk touches silk and steam for 10-15minutes to set the dye.Iron then use in Nuno work

when you remove the cut outs you will see the image remaining and this is now ready for nuno felting  and if you are very clever use the fibres under the silk which show the poppy colours through,outline with stitching or bead on the surface once felting is complete.You will have a lovely shrunken scrumpled poppy on your felt with background around it.

So without fancy equipment you can transfer imagery to silk and then felt