Ah well

A small peep at the Top sleeves.

Hard to post when all I am doing is a secret for the new book Nicola and I are writing.The link of friendship forged over the www is amazing and to write a book between us when we have never ever met is awesome.We find ourselves so often having the same ideas and following the same creative route  lets hope we are still thinking that way.We are hoping to finish ready for Nicola getting to America so heres hoping .

We have started to explore fibres seldom used but readily available and mixing fibres as well.Lots of techniques to impress and challenge we hope .

The competition top has at long last left for Michigan Dawn has been so patient but with me having had 2 serious bouts of illness  it has taken me a while and it was hard to see it go.

I have used techniques that I have been learning over the last 18 months so I am so keeping my fingers crossed.

Dawns colours were autumnal and I have blended these and given her colours to suit her colouring.

I have started making my own identification tabs from art-clay silver and embossing my initials on to them to be sewn on my garments,and this started when I asked someone where she had got her jacket from I really did want to know I did like it—how surprised was I when she told me ‘oh it is a Chrissie Day original’ –hmmm I had never seen it before that day so that is it now, my tags are on my items and if they are not then they are not made or designed by me .

So here we are at 9.45pm and I have jut finished laying  out a bag and tomorrow I have leather to cut shape and dye,happy days don’t you love being busy with your back against the wall.

Night everyone I need a dark room, silence, and a warm duvet my hottie and maybe a hug as well.