Review from CraftGossip

Wow wow woke up this morning to a message from Nicola that our book had been reviewed by CraftGossip and what an amazing review we got you can see it all here at the edition it features in

Never really appreciated that people love to see the surroundings we live in, and enjoy the views we  photograph our work in.

Believe we have a facebook fan page for the book where we will link with everyone with comments or questions .

On another note made my 1st screen for myself yesterday it was fraught holding the monofilament tight enough but the 1st deconstructed screen is busy drying on it so when I do the print from it later we will see how well I have done with this .

One thing to all who have asked me does it matter what silk I do my nuno with –yes it does but only so much in what effect you will get .This jacket shot shows the sleeves in medium habotai but the body in silk gauze ,Look at the difference the gauze sinks right in to the felt leaving the design clearly on top while the habotai crinkles up and breaks up your design into different levels of viewing.

Not one is right or wrong just different 

4 thoughts on “Review from CraftGossip

  1. Lovely jacket (and lovely variation with the two differing silks). Would love to try a little natural dyeing…A little nervous working with chemicals in the house….And, your results with the natural are quite gorgeous. Hmmmm….Another book possibility;-)



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