Finding Inspiration

I am often asked what inspires you? Often it is so hard to answer this question because it can be a thought, a smell,or even a feeling. When in France and at Rocamdour with the Birds it was a variety of emotions and sights .

These birds are huge and very powerful they are the Kings of the skies and I felt so sad to see them in captivity and was totally amazed and awestruck as they were allowed to fly free .The aerobatics in the skies were unbelievable and they all came back –why ??? I asked myself –I still do not have the answer.

The colours are truly beautiful and it is these and the feathers which have inspired a series of felt I am working on.They all seemed to have character and I spent along time just standing looking and trying to make eye contact with these amazing birds

The colours were so beautiful my camera work does not really do them justice.

Beaks so very brightly coloured adding more visual stimulation to designing ideas eyes penetrating but soulful too and still with more colour.

Look at these little sweethearts and the cute colours they display.