adding devore velvet to felt

Knowing how busy I am this weekend I am getting ahead and will do this post now


The ‘One Button JACKET ‘which will be in the new book Nuno felt by myself and Clasheen out early next year the pattern etc will be available but to show you briefly how adding circles of devoted dyed silk velvet to the process really popped in the finished piece the photography does not do it justice really

The velvet pieces were layer down sandwiched between whispers and I mean whispers of merino one breathe would have blown them away they were that fine then wet immediately so they did not get disturbed as I worked 

One Comment on “adding devore velvet to felt

  1. Dear Chrissie,

    This one button top is marvelous!!!! I love it! You are such a talent.

    Thanks for the sneak preview. Perhaps I should try a wee might of sewing prior to your next book. This jacket looks too tempting;-)


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