Flowers and Exhibition

How many flowers does it take to get the perfect one .

After many differing versions of flowers finally found the correct formula and correct mix of silk tussah and dyed pongee,correct fibre and made the flowers ,1st batch done for the exhibition.

The new book on Nuno felting is selling well and of course now you can download the ebook straight away and be felting within the hour,This book comes with 5 free templates to make the clothes within the book.

These templates are also available for further designs not in the book by emailing me.There are 3 new jackets.

3 thoughts on “Flowers and Exhibition

  1. Lovely! I will order a copy of your book soon, but I need to focus on my exhibition pieces at the moment before being distracted by other ideas (which I know I will be when I see the book!) 🙂


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