Oh dear

It is late at night on my hospital ward but I can manage to hold my iPhone and use my canulated arm to type.
I have been made to realise anything I had planned for the next month or two is not going to happen.
No open studio with the new group I joined no trip to Canada and not to Holland either.
I may even have to spend my birthday in bed.
It is particularly hard happening after just moving to a new area with my friends a good 300 miles away. The hospital is in a city I have never been to so feel very disorientated,but have to say DarlingtonMemorial Hospital is great .
Too many cards have come to display so thanks to all who have sent them.
On the plus side there will be more in the store store

4 Comments on “Oh dear

  1. Oooo – it’s maddening when your plans are upset, but sometimes when it happens it’s because you’re making way for something better to happen!

    Keep your chin up – this is only temporary.

  2. Hope you have many creative ideas and with the time to finitw them they should be perfect by the time you cn step back into it….don’t really know why you are in there but wishing you a speedy and thorough re overy…we need you

  3. Still learning how to keyboard my new ipad…such a pain..sorry for all the spelling errors in last post.

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