Broken ! I don’t believe it.

Well the news is in and I have a long road ahead,the hand is broken and has been for 8 weeks plus it also has a ligament tear.

It now wears a very nice sporty black support and I have a lot of work to get this hand working again as it did.

I also have fall damage in my spine along with the fractured coccyx. I need work done and it is starting very quickly to get me pain free as quick as can be.

Team Chrissie gets bigger every day with the addition of a hand physiotherapist Nikki today.

I am dictating my new design ideas and specifications and pinning colour wools in my book.Its hard I have never had my hand ‘quiet’ before.

I will need work on my face not for vanity but I need my eyelid to lift and let me see the world properly.The bruising is still coming out after 8 weeks.

I will answer all my emails,cards etc Thank you so much.