It’s not Felting

It’s not about felting or knitting or sewing or any of the other things I do in solitary mode.

Covid saw my husband and I sharing our space 24/7 week after week after week.

Grass ! Awkward to cut grass never looked good grass. When our little Granddaughter came to stay her bedroom window looked out on this. She asked why there were no flowers in the ‘ secret garden’ . Would you like flowers there I asked her- yes a real garden with a path to skip up and lots of flowers.


Yes we have lots in common but not a hobby in common until we made our Secret Garden. There is a patch of Land to the North facing side of the chapel housing a 2 plum trees 1 pear tree and a huge eucalyptus and grass.

Slowly I cut took cuttings kept seed and eventually I knew the time was right – we would create a beautiful secret garden during all this sadness and fear .


Nigel ordered the sleepers the tiny pea stones and the dressed bark at the beginning of the Lockdown- they were delivered and we started to plan. The land is surrounded in 2 sides by dry stone walls and the 3rd houses a Blackthorn and honeysuckle and slatted wood fence.

The 4th side is open to the rest of the land so this was our starting point. A path up the middle to skip up and a horseshoe border around it. De turfing was the first job which was arduous and in his words Boring.

Next size up the path after levelling put stones down as bad weather would see us walking up and down in mud. Then the heat came and it was too hot to do much although Nigel took to digging the bed over every day then put our Stihl rotavator on it. Stones rocks glass old rubble all removed .

Plum tree

Sleepers carried round – boy they were heavy, saw the job continue – in an old building c1860 nothing is square or level or straight so the path edgers of sleeper were not easy to place. Trees to consider and prune.

Turf being removed ah

Planting was busy in my head and then it was time and in went Hydrangeas Ivy Fuschia, cosmos , echinacea ,cornflowers Scillias , Camassias, a Birch grown from seed, a Larch grown from seed too and a twisted hazel rescued. Alchemilla Mollis which looks adorable in the rain.

Honeysuckle drapes over the wall into the path around that side of the chapel . I have a South facing border aNorth facing border plus 1 looking West

So many possibilities so happy to have worked together on this and have my husband in the garden instead of just passing through.