Colour through Autumnal Mist

It’s a misty autumnal day and looking for colour today I am so pleased I don’t have to venture far from my gardens.
Planted with All Seasons in mind I love having these shades and tones to lift the grey gloomy mist of the day.
The mist which not only shrouds all other signs of fellow humans but also the animal kingdom preparing for winter.
When my past gardens were home to hedgehogs I could hear the nocturnal gathering of leaves which tidied my garden up considerably.

Since living here we have no hedgehogs in the garden sadly.
The light can hardly penetrate this thick cloud that has descended on us. Even the stream is full as it races across the garden and fields down to the river.
Winter has a feeling already of becoming a hard one and this is just the start.
The late Autumnal floppy mini gladioli are so pretty right now against the sage green of the Eucalyptus and the slowly bronzing leaves of climbing roses.
The cool breezes have really suited them and they have multiplied incredibly.
Roses are still emerging on Mdme Alfred Carriere a stunning climber in the old plum tree.

Colours which are inspirational to me for eco printing – inks- and stitching

Autumnal colour