Vases for a VesselĀ 

I adore ceramics and especially flower vases.Maybe I subconsciosly search for the perfect ceramic piece to enhance the flowers I grow for my home. Living where I do its miles away from any flowers shop so I decided to grow my inside flowers.  I have a perfect pink tulip with a lime streak and I think my new take on vessels will be just right to display the beauty of this variety. With enough turqouise to contrast the pinks andRead more

Fabulous Workshops

When you travel a long way to a workshop it is because of 2 reasons. 1.Brilliant artist you wish to learn from 2.Brilliant venue. My latest journey to Baard in The Netherlands lived up to all expectations and in fact in both points were better than expected. Truus has extended her venue space and we had the plus factor of all eating together every night so nearly residential.The food was great and our daily lunch breaks were as well veryRead more

Origami life

It has been a very very busy week travelling to Scotland,meeting up with old friends,staying with my lovely Aunt by the coast and so much laughter my sides ached. Whilst there I did more differential felting and origamiwork with Andrea Noeke Porada,and immersed myself in shrinkage ratios and shape etc which after my days with Lisa Klakulak made it easier. Also learning to work with short fibre merino which I actually do not like at all—– hey ho Lots ofRead more