Natural Dyeing

I have been naturally dyeing wool for over 10 years and it is always rewarding and exciting. That pile of acer leaves just swept up make the most beautiful browns to reds. The willow leaves stunning.The eucalyptus leaves the rhubarb root etc etc.

Colours change depending for me on weather as after a storm my stream’s Ph level alters with all the peaty water wasged down from the moors.

What other names is Logwood known by?

Bloodwood, Bois Bleu, Bois de Brésil, Bois de Campêche, Campêche, Haematoxylum campechianum, Haematoxylum lignum, Palo de Campeche, Palo de Tinte, Peachwood

What is Logwood?

Logwood is a plant. People use logwood to make medicine.

Logwood is used to treat diarrhea and excessive bleeding (hemorrhage). It is also used as a drying agent (astringent

The logwood tree grows in Mexico, Central America, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, the Guyannas, Madagascar, and Logwood is a spiny, tropical tree, largely found in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

The first time I used Logwood dye in a Doubleknitting design.
In a fairisle design

A colour that has so many shades

The extract is a purplish-red dye derived from processing the darkest heartwood. Logwood extract is used to make hematine (primarily used for dying sutures) and hematoxilyn (primarly used in histology)

When dyeing my range of pure alpaca socks I bear in mind the characteristics of each dye I use

  • Properties – Natural, antiallergenic, antistatic, ecological, organic, vegetal, biodegradable and safe
  • Advantages – High quality, more resistance to wash, highly resistant to light and transpiration
  • Products you can dye with logwood extract include – fine leather, cotton, hard fibers, silk, suede, wood, wool
  • Colors
    • Depending on the mordant used the following colors can be achieved: black, grey, navy blue, purple, violet, lavender

I want lavender for these bed socks and I am not disappointed and pleased I waited till I had a nice stormy day and agood peaty water


Alpaca Bed Socks natural handyes
Purple Haze