The Netherlands

The last 3 days have seen me immersed in felt –nothing new there but I was in DenBosch in The Netherlands  attending class with my friend Charity VD Meer.Nothing strange in that, I love felting and travel so the perfect weekend with Nigel as well.

What has made this a memorable weekend ,the felt I saw in the exhibition,it blew me away.

I have seen felt all over the world but never seen an exhibition of felt quite like this and to realise today it will be broken up and disbanded and it is not going on tour is so very very sad for felters all over the world,

If you are reading this and have the facility to help get this on tour email me at and let us see what we can achieve.I am going to do what I can.

The other thing that made this memorable for me was meeting so many  people who have seen my work or read my books or my blog or my facebook and come up to me to talk this morning, I was knocked out by the so many kind remarks and the gifts, they did make me cry and then as I was leaving I was presented with another gift by Ellen Bakker  the beautiful felt book full of fabulous imagery she has given to the world.

To all those who have mailed me or mentioned on FB they were there too and missed me I am sorry I had to leave to catch my plane home and I had to be here for tomorrow I could not delay my travel.

I will be back at least a couple of times this year I am trying hard to learn a little  Dutch and maybe next time I will get to a shoe shop when it is open.

To all the felters and to Bertina the organiser and everyone else involved in this event a big big Thank you from one very happy felter delighted to have seen it for herself  and determined others will get the chance.I am really hoping the IFA with all their knowledge will come up with something after all they are the International part of it all.If you want to join them the link is IFA Membership hard to find as they are known as the IFA but the site is just called felt makers confusing I know.As a member you can put your work in the gallery