Dyeing Today

Got away to an early start by putting by fabric to soak in avinegar mixture Leaves decided on and those  that were dry ie preserved eucalyptus          from  last winter, I placed in a bowl with boiling water to soften,ready to place on my fabric Turn on the computer and face time my long time friend in Holland where she is enjoying ahot dayWe start and choose differing materials differing silks differing leaves and differing methods. I haveRead more

Broken ! I don’t believe it.

Well the news is in and I have a long road ahead,the hand is broken and has been for 8 weeks plus it also has a ligament tear. It now wears a very nice sporty black support and I have a lot of work to get this hand working again as it did. I also have fall damage in my spine along with the fractured coccyx. I need work done and it is starting very quickly to get me painRead more

Why Summer Reflections !!!!

None of us like pain  or change but sometimes we have no choice but to face them and sometimes it is like dominoes going over in freefall. Another night with little sleeep and it is early and I am sitting here looking at dawn arriving feeling very happy with the views around me. This is my stream which has taken me years to get right for wildlife and I have a water vole resident and happy.Wild  indiginous plants looking goodRead more

Art Chain

The idea is to post 3 pieces you have created for 5 days and each day nominate another artist to do the same challenge. My pieces today are Nuno Felt Silk Collars and I nominate Robin Firth of Heartfelt Silks.Read more

Beautiful Alkmaar

I loved this town,could move there tomorrow here are a few shots taken between parking and leaving after wandering around a while. The opticians was shut otherwise I would have bought these fabulous hand made frames,and so so many shoe shops.Read more

An Away Day

Sometimes it is just best to turn your back on all the work you need to get done,phone calls to make etc and ESCAPE. Today was one of those days and here at Worksop Priory history abounds. It was a meeting place for the crusaders leaving to go to War.Here you see they marked the stone wall with their swords the crossed through them when they returned In a tiny wall pokey hole is a skull with a bodkin arrowRead more

Is it really February

Last time I blinked Christmas was on the wain and New Year happening ,now it is February 1st (a good memory day for me) and I am thinking what happened in January.I saw my children which always lifts my heart,sorted out to some extent the diary for 2014.Booked more ME time in. Decided which fibres would be used this coming year,looked at my own wools coming through helped by 2 amazing “Guys who Dye’.how fortunate can a fibre artist get.Read more

New wrap

Curls and swirls,grids and leaves a dangling all make me think of Autumnal chills. I do love grey It also reminds me of these mournful words Tao Te Ching: Chapter 33–Knowing Oneself 33. He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wise. He who conquers others has power of muscles; He who conquers himself is strong. He who is contented is rich. He who is determined has strength of will. He who does not lose his centerRead more

Here comes Summer

At last summer seems to have arrived.Friday sees me teaching Nuno bags in York for Viking Looms,we have a great location which just inspires great creativity,the class is now full,sorry I have also been working up some new prints using my current colour favourites.looking forward to seeing this design shrunk down in the Nuno process One of the hardest things my students find us how to judge design size for Nuno as what looks good before felting can be totallyRead more

Years End

Well 2012 has been quite a year with many changes for me.The new book came out and is doing really well and the clothes made from the templates inspired me to design more this way and launch more downloadable patterns for felting. I moved full time to the North Pennines and love it here,opened a new studio which is doing really well and am now booked up for 2013.Although I was determined to cut down on my travels some bookingsRead more