Vases for a Vessel 

I adore ceramics and especially flower vases.Maybe I subconsciosly search for the perfect ceramic piece to enhance the flowers I grow for my home. Living where I do its miles away from any flowers shop so I decided to grow my inside flowers.  I have a perfect pink tulip with a lime streak and I think my new take on vessels will be just right to display the beauty of this variety. With enough turqouise to contrast the pinks andRead more


Good Housekeeping is needed all the time and I have been busy updating blogs,web sites,and putting portfolios together. Items for sale can now be purchased via the Website phew still a few more to add then I am up to date.Also I had not realised my Felting pictures which normally  go to Instagram have not been  doing that so it needed sorting as well. Still rather be busy with fibres than computers. Bag in shop nowRead more

New Inks for Nuno

Working on finding a good ink I can write,paint,screen with on my silk/ cotton for Nuno use has occupied my brain this holiday. I know others have used various products without much success and some have produced beautiful work.I need an ink which will not bleed which will mix with my thickeners to give definition,will take application easily with my differing  tools/brushes etc. After a lot of trials I have it and am really pleased. I am back in myRead more

Exhibition Pieces Ready

Off the Wall is the title for the new pieces beautiful wool voile printed wearable Art from the main fibre painted Wall Piece in the exhibition at Sedbergh for the Sheepfest in September. Literally only 2 large shawls have been pre released for the exhibition both signed by me. other pieces of Wall art are there plus jackets and bags and another  range of Nature dyed and printed shawls. Do call in.13 th September Farfield Mill Sedbergh. on a moreRead more

Fabulous Workshops

When you travel a long way to a workshop it is because of 2 reasons. 1.Brilliant artist you wish to learn from 2.Brilliant venue. My latest journey to Baard in The Netherlands lived up to all expectations and in fact in both points were better than expected. Truus has extended her venue space and we had the plus factor of all eating together every night so nearly residential.The food was great and our daily lunch breaks were as well veryRead more

Another Journey

Waking up on the ferry to mist and murk in the North Sea but really hoping to see blue skies and sunshine as I arrive in Amsterdam. Travelling up to Baard and will be there for a few days then onto Belgium. Harbour looking good Looking forward to exploring OloidsRead more

Eco dyeing

Busy dyeing today with Natures produce to keep up with all the orders for these beautiful OAK silk merino nuno scarves and cowls. I love making these.Read more


lOOK They are coming over in the Fall2014 to felt with me and I look forward to welcoming all the tour participants when they reach my neck of the woods in the stunning North of England. Sounds fabulous and wish I was doing the whole trip myself. When they meet up with me at Farfield Mill we will felt up frenzy and make wonderful tubular framed carpet bags complete with leather handles and all the trimmings.Enjoy a wonderful lunch andRead more

More Christmas Time

It is getting nearer and I have more decorations done ,presents wrapped,cookies in tins etc and my excitement growing just like the child I am. These two chaps sit near the sofa lamp and the reel of ribbon is so lovely with Christmas rhymes printed on. One place I would love to visit for the holidays isNeuschwanstein Castle in Germany it looks so magical. Of course there is always lots to do ,felting gifts,knitting presents,and making cards,mincepies etc,giving a homeRead more