Horst technique and Chrissie style

When we go to classes or hear about classes from others it is a great learning curve to try out the new techniques for that is what they are new techniques to us as individuals .

No doubt what your teacher would like you to do would be perfect the techniques be brave with and then incorporate it into your own work.If we do not do this then we have a whole load of cloned design work happening which serves nobody least of all our inner self.

I have never met Horst but heard so much about him and the techniques that I was urged to give it ago and I did.I loved the techniques and soon felt brave enough to build that into one of my jackets.Is it a way I will always work,No it is a differing way of doing things that I will sometimes find myself using in my own work.

The same goes for Vilte who taught me new ways yes I will incorporate them into my work but none of my work will simply be cloned work of my teachers.

So always open your eyes and your ears take in the lesson and the run with it in your designs and stay true to yourself .The other images in this set can be seen here