White world I am Here and in the Now

It’s only 6.40am and I have woken to a white world. As I stay awake waiting for the sun to rise enabling me to see the full beauty of the hours ahead I think of Winters past which are etched in my memory.

It’s the silence of the world and the stillness as if a deep breadth is being taken whilst giving us this beauty. The sky takes on incredible depths and touches me like no other view.

It wasn’t the sledding or the snowmen or the snowballing even as a child I just wanted that connection I always feel when the snows arrive. I feel blessed to be here now in this land where for previous winters life would have been very harsh and cold.

There are many songs mentioning snow but a line in a hymn ‘The world in solemn silence lay’ this is how it feels to me solemn but connected.

The shades and tones of Winter.

Every turn of the head however slight sees more beauty echoed in a sense of rawness portrayed. For some a sunny day, an ocean view, or a deep woodland evokes connections, but for me it’s the Winter and the Snows.

Sheer Beauty