Recharging and renewing

I feel that every artist in every field every so often needs to take time out for themselves to renew and recharge,it refreshes your work removes blinkers and enables you to view your world in a differing light.
I am no different to anyone else and time is precious and I love to be in my home and in my studio,so what can be done about engaging in learning .

I enroll as an online student with an artist whose work I adore and whose morals etc are sound in todays world.

I have done all of Dionnes classes with her and every time I come to look back on the fresh approach and new direction I have been able to move my fibre work into.

One can engage with other students if that is what you want to do or work in total seclusion to others,there is no wrong way or right way.

I cannot think of a person who will not get a lot from these classes and be able to take their own discipline further,so whether you do drawing for textiles,sketchbook development,or summer school,learn is what you will do.Gain confidence in how you see the world and put it into your art,learn new skills and keep developing
Dionne can be found here,have fun