Review from CraftGossip

Wow wow woke up this morning to a message from Nicola that our book had been reviewed by CraftGossip and what an amazing review we got you can see it all here at the edition it features in Never really appreciated that people love to see the surroundings we live in, and enjoy the views we  photograph our work in. Believe we have a facebook fan page for the book where we will link with everyone with comments or questionsRead more

New Russian Style TrapperHat part 2

Hi thank you for the nice comments and emails today you will see the shape draft and by Sunday all the fibre layout–reason there is suspicion and pain–I have torn my rotaor cuff in my right shoulder,yesterday saw me trwaling through the snow and ice (where the —- is the grit or are we all auditioning for a mass dance on ice county by county,all those who do not get a fracture will help represent their county. Joking aside theRead more