Stitching using colour

got-the-blues.gifHow many times do you find yourself choosing a colour group over others yet maybe the year before you had not even worked in that colour.I have a theory that colour heals us and if we allow colour to actually be in control and let it in then the healing will happen .

Over the last few years my work has run the from very dark and very red through to these deep deep blues and now needing to punctuate with zingy limes .It does fascinate me and as much of my work is for publication and Ido have to work in a palette of colour and not just be dictated to by my inner need.

Here is some work that I have enjoyed doing so much .the fibres were gathered and hand dyed and then the silk was painted with dye and overlaid on the fibre to give us the nuno felt –I then began to embroider this piece and it was then cut up and reoverlaid with silksĀ  then beaded and stitched and recut into pieces .It is called ‘Emerge’ and has yet to progress into something else –watch this space .

Summer is coming and with the camera always in my hand I will be trying to capture those magical moments of colour that nature gives us all for free–those pictures that you just know are going to make the tastebuds tingle and you have to get to work, enjoy be ‘creative ‘