Misty Murky Morning

Well the weather here is pure ‘hobgoblin weather’ and I awoke feeling fairly happy etc but within 1 hour of being awake and doing emails I am plunged into dark moods of annoyance,some people really do need ‘finishing school ‘ just to know how to address the rest of the world I am sure.

Determined to get something back from the day I started on the hat design for the new book and for the studio gallery shop.Keen to use dyes etc in this adventure,out came the big dyeing stock pot and the dyes and my gloves and soon it was playtime at the chapel.

The little pieces you can see here where the initial testers done ┬áin Gay wool dyes.Landscape dyes,and Chrissie’s mixture.

Sent a big job off to the printers whilst the pot simmered and did the magic.

IMG_7419I do love dyeing days.


Hope today has been good for you ,thanks for stopping by.