Boil and Bubble Toil And Trouble

Well spurred on by everyone talking of natural dyeing reminded me to get on with my plans (pre book) and start moving form chemicals to plants.I have been harvesting all sorts of stuff and grinding it down when dried and stirring big pots of stuff soaking in vinegar and some covered in lemon slices.Today I picked and chopped the elder leaves and a bit of bark —-it has been so warm the flowers are nearly out which will give me other colours but if I leave afew flowers the berries will really give me abeautiful dye pot .

My bed time reading has been Jenny Deans book WIld Colour  A FABULOUS colour led book.So today I made an extra special effort to sort out the felt room and my stock of fibres and silks etc and tidy up so I can see the floor again out there.

I know what everyone else does with dyeing but I want to plough my own furrow and I am getting my liquids in readiness to thicken and screenprint the dyes onto my differing silks

I have my weekend with Vilte Kazlauskaite to look forward to  and learn from her .

the 1st image is just the hint of leaf colour on the fine silk needed this off white to grey/green have shot it on the original silk colour so you can see it is only a hint  I need.

The rest of today has been spent still being excited the response has been amazing Thank you so much everyone and for the lady (you did not put your name on the form)who wants to know about the Green jacket pocket here it is blown up and you can see now the design is woven then felted onto the larger piece which is the pocket .