The Competition Top

The winner Steph models her top.I am please to say Steph has received her Waterfall top in her winning colours and loves it. Steph of has a very keen sense of colour and also knows what suits her as I think she looks really good.Click on image for larger view.

Steph says ‘

Rosie is doing the happy dance.  The Chrissie Day original arrived today.  The colorway is outrageous, bold, bright, dynamic…The art jacket has a life of it’s own and can be worn and equally hung as a tapestry on the wall.  The combination, blending and accenting of the fabrics is awesome.   I totally LOVE it.  Thank you so much for this wonderful experience to be treasured in my life forever. And Dawn…thanks for the wonderful playful time we had while waiting patiently….NOT…. :-D’

Thank you again to all who entered it has been great fun,lets do it again next year.