New Spring inspired jacket

Think of spring green all fresh and the beautiful dusky grey green of the iris and lambs ear plant and together these colours mingled in this jacket with splashes of deepest purple for those flag iris’s and a paler sharper blue for the speedwell and miniature violets which are dotted about my lawn.

Sometimes when I felt, I felt in a frenzy and do not stop working until it is done

–this jacket was like that although the silk had been dyed for a week whilst I was away and the sketching had been done ,I just had to start and finish.So tonight I wore it out with my darling Nigel and we went to his concert The Witness which was very good . I do not know if you can notice the sleeve edges on this jacket they are my secret sleeve  construction which I share in the new book  which will be available next week and Nicola will have it with her as she arrives in America –sure wish I was coming too.Look after her .

And for my friend Dawn I even had a photo taken of me in the jacket (I do not do photos) so here it is .