New Work’Time’

Along time ago 2003 to be precise I decided to do a piece called Time and explore tracing time through presence and absence imagery overlaid and past seen through etc etc

Well Time takes time and to begin I started to make the backing piece by adding anew sheet every year on the 1st day in January and roll it up until the next year,It was from the 1st page of the colour supplement of the weekend paper and stitched down after soaking in oil and being applied to my felt backing.The last piece was applied this year in January and the work started today .

A backing piece which could stand alone or be divided just as Time is  to be part of a whole or be the whole ,to be present or absent ,to hold past and view future.

Working today using the past piece and past felting pieces and encapsulating the notion of hidden chambers of time in what you view are you viewing it was exciting to see the 1st piece ‘be born’.

It is a series of 8-10  and here is 1