So so Happy

the start

Fabiennes top has arrived and here is what she says on the comments

It has arrived at “the garden of the tulipe” in the netherlands AND it fits ;-)! It’s beautiful, the tulip prints are really a great design, taking into account the crimp of the felt is no small feat by Chrissie, really, and it has a very original design with a large modern purple zipper (my favorite color), thank you so much Chrissie for all your work, for setting up such a project! for the patience to go on and all the hours and attention and love you put into it to simply give it away, it’s amazing to me. The weather was terrible today, so I did not take any pictures yet, as it would really not be honoring this very special and unique piece of felt. Will try this week and keep you posted! again, my gratitude to you, dear!

This makes me so happy enjoy Fabienne . I look forward to seeing pictures of you wearing it.

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  1. What a beautiful jacket and l am SO looking forward to seeing Fabienne modelling it! You are such an amazing artist and generous person Chrissie.xxbeautiful workxxlynda

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