Online Classes info

Hello and welcome to the online class studio of Chrissie Day fibre artist. Now you can access one or more workshops delivered in the comfort of your home,to work at your own pace. I have range of online options that you can access to cater for all types of learning.

The group sizes are small so that I can offer feedback to you along the way. Tuition and contact will be via password protected blogposts, videos and emails.

You will have the opportunity to exchange news and ideas with your fellow students and share images of your work through the Workshops Facebook group.

You would be expected to have the necessary computer skills to access the internet, print files, respond to blog posts and upload images.

The next Extreme Nuno starts 1st September 2022

2 thoughts on “Online Classes info

  1. Hi Chrissie,
    Your workshop sounds wonderful. What will the class be making? Is the tuition in British pounds? Would the conversion from U.S. dollars be in the cart when I go to pay, or would I have to go through something like Western Union?


  2. When will you offer another online workshop ? What is the cost in US dollars? I am so eager to learn from you…..!!!


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