Silks ready

after an afternoon spent dyeing and splodging (like a child) I use a dye that I can set in the microwave (the non cooking one).silk wrapped around the wine bottle and set for 3mins  splodges take abot 4mins and plain about 2mins .Most of the silk is silk chiffon but I do have some tussah I have daubed with toning colours plus a big contrast of raspberry.

Now silks laid onto the felt just as prefelt is happening then whisps of fibre place d over ,rewet and rolling begins.

One thought on “Silks ready

  1. I am pretty new to felting, but have tried my hand at nuno. I am having trouble with the fabrics that I choose. Do you have recommendations for the type of silk? Also, what wool rovings do you find felt the best for wearables like ponchos, shawls? I have done some reading, but don’t have anyone to learn from. I am also new to the blog scene. Hope I gave you the right website. I know that the email is right. Please use it. Thanks, Cameron


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