I am back from Copenhagen and it was fabulous ,we had good weather bar 1 day,great food and good company,what more can you ask for.Well great yarn shops,good shopping etc etc. We stayed at an ¬†iconic hotel designed by Arne Jacobson in the early 60’s.We were on the 19th floor and the view was brilliant. looking over the city to the Oresund bridge passage to Malmo in Sweden. Copenhagen is a place for bikes and this few made me smile 1 of every colour making a nice artistic statement.I met some lovely knitters from America and Linda (guineapig) her Ravelry name a Danish lady who advised me on some knit shops.I cannot find her on Ravelry though.help!!!!!

This is a typical window display and I found it charming and love the miniature orchids and matching vases.

Hello to Ditte the owner at Somerfugen yarn store which is just heavenly and I spent  happy couple of hours in here.

Back to stitching the top and getting it posted to Steph no sign of either her or Dawn when I arrived home .phew!!!