I am back from Copenhagen and it was fabulous ,we had good weather bar 1 day,great food and good company,what more can you ask for.Well great yarn shops,good shopping etc etc. We stayed at an  iconic hotel designed by Arne Jacobson in the early 60’s.We were on the 19th floor and the view was brilliant. looking over the city to the Oresund bridge passage to Malmo in Sweden. Copenhagen is a place for bikes and this few made me smile 1 of every colour making a nice artistic statement.I met some lovely knitters from America and Linda (guineapig) her Ravelry name a Danish lady who advised me on some knit shops.I cannot find her on Ravelry though.help!!!!!

This is a typical window display and I found it charming and love the miniature orchids and matching vases.

Hello to Ditte the owner at Somerfugen yarn store which is just heavenly and I spent  happy couple of hours in here.

Back to stitching the top and getting it posted to Steph no sign of either her or Dawn when I arrived home .phew!!!

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I was just getting ready to get on the plane and was hijacked by black sheep and ended up in Eugene at the http://www.blacksheepgathering.org and if I had been wearing socks they would have been knocked off by all the wool, color, energy, creativity and just darn good fun. So….Dawn is on the mission alone and I am really worried that the postman nabbed her before she got to Chrissie to nab the jacket. Haven’t heard, all cell phones are down. But if I know Dawn she has distracted the postman and is on her way home with the coveted jacket. Now….my dilemma…..how do I persuade Dawn to give up the jacket???? ahhhhh….the plot thickens. Maybe I’ll bribe her with an all expense paid trip to Oregon to deliver it personally…..hmmmm…


  2. Well, you’re right, that postman had been scouting around Chrissie’s place looking for us, and spotted me as I was hurdling over that hedge. Can you believe it? Tried telling him that I was just giving the hedges a little trim in the dark so as not to get sunburnt, but he wasn’t buying it. They put me on the next flight to Traverse City, Michigan… You know the cherry capital of the world…Yum!!!…Which is where we’re just returning from. There’s even a yarn shop there, Chrissie…You’d love it!

    Can’t wait to see that jacket on you Stephanie…It’s been such fun waiting for it:-)


  3. Pretty hard to find me, but I found you :o) I am LindaMarsvin, marsvin is guineapig in Danish. Hope you found Bettedesign, can’t imagine Lisbeth, the owner, being anything but forthcoming. Next time, look up Jorun garn at Godthåbsvej… and check out the Copenhagen knitters at Ravelry.


    1. Hi Linda
      so glad you found me I missed the shop as she closed at the lunchtime,but will go back on my next visit.Will be back just before sailing and then back for a day on our arrival in port on the 19th July.
      do stay in touch


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