Vases for a Vessel 

I adore ceramics and especially flower vases.Maybe I subconsciosly search for the perfect ceramic piece to enhance the flowers I grow for my home. Living where I do its miles away from any flowers shop so I decided to grow my inside flowers.  I have a perfect pink tulip with a lime streak and I think my new take on vessels will be just right to display the beauty of this variety. With enough turqouise to contrast the pinks andRead more


Good Housekeeping is needed all the time and I have been busy updating blogs,web sites,and putting portfolios together. Items for sale can now be purchased via the Website phew still a few more to add then I am up to date.Also I had not realised my Felting pictures which normally  go to Instagram have not been  doing that so it needed sorting as well. Still rather be busy with fibres than computers. Bag in shop nowRead more

New Inks for Nuno

Working on finding a good ink I can write,paint,screen with on my silk/ cotton for Nuno use has occupied my brain this holiday. I know others have used various products without much success and some have produced beautiful work.I need an ink which will not bleed which will mix with my thickeners to give definition,will take application easily with my differing  tools/brushes etc. After a lot of trials I have it and am really pleased. I am back in myRead more

Art Chain

The idea is to post 3 pieces you have created for 5 days and each day nominate another artist to do the same challenge. My pieces today are Nuno Felt Silk Collars and I nominate Robin Firth of Heartfelt Silks.Read more

Eco dyeing

Busy dyeing today with Natures produce to keep up with all the orders for these beautiful OAK silk merino nuno scarves and cowls. I love making these.Read more

Denmark,Germany,The Netherlands

Perhaps life is all about travelling and memory storage.I have now been home 2 weeks from my foreign trip and the routine is slowly coming back.Winter is approachig here in the hills and Autumn has happened very quickly leaving me with a feeling we are in for some very strange hard weather–the signs are all here remembered from my youth when winters were hard.Watching the birds and flora and seeing the sky so full of something worries me. My tripRead more

Excuse Me While I Paint The Sky

Seriously I am not in reality painting the sky but Nigel thought this how the image looked so with homage to songs of the past I titled this post with aline from one of my favourite ‘golden oldies’with a slight change of word.You will have to imagine the music On another note a fabulous class of 11 ladies all exploring basic nuno to place on felted bags this weekend at Farfield Mill went really well and I saw some strangeRead more


Time seems to have it’s own agenda at the moment called Whizzing I cannot believe that this time 1week ago Charity was here with me as we worked out designs etc to teach in Belgium in June and only a week before that I was hard at work under the eagle eye of Lisa Klakulak in Ullform Norway, I did decide to do a whole article on this workshop for the journals because Lisa covers what is missing so muchRead more

New Quirky Birds Magnetic Clips

I have been making magnetic clasps for shawls etc for nearly 2years now and also been embroidering my Quirky Birds,well now they have met up and we have Quirky Birds Magnetic Clips. Quirky birds were born when I was studying and developed from some reverse imaging drawings.Hope they make you smile.Read more

Too many Emails

Gosh so many emails from the Clasheen  post re the templates it needs a blog post to clarify as I cannot answer all these . When I decided to   publish Nuno Felt as a downloadable ebook with free templates of my designs available from Craftsy and from World of Wool  I also decided  to only give the templates as a gift to the Blurb book until the end of 2012. We are now in 2013 and to clarify TheRead more