Next Nuno Top

View nuno This is going to be a sleeveless top hopefully made to wear 4 ways ,inside out,rightway,upsidedown,and rightwayup  so here we go
4 pieces of silk 80cms by 75cms lay on top of 4 pieces of needlefelt and felt to prefelt stage —silk just holding the fibres–then we dye by which ever method you want to use –those needing to know how to dye leave a comment  and I will do a piece on dyeing in more detail

These are the silk and needlefelted sheets felted together lightly, then dyed .I used the arashi method with the wine bottle,and string  icecream containers and 3-4 mins in microwave.I hasten to add I only use this microwave for dyeing not cooking .

More tomorrow as we look at assembling the 4 sheets made with the overlays -I would like to make good progress with this before my op next Friday then I have something to playat topstitching and embroidering whilst I recover trying to find a good novel to carry me through a week of pain and fed upnesswithout resorting to the chocolate box .Happy felting