Make Beautiful handmade signatures by Chrissie Day

12 Hand made signatures TutorialMake Beautiful handmade signatures by Chrissie Day 2009new-click here to download a free pdf worksheet for making signatures as occasionally we learn a new technique or try something new and what do you do then with all your tiny (business card size) samples –if you are like me you more than likely loose them !!! So how about making some lovely signatures(a collection of pages ) to form a book you can be proud of which will hold 8 samples per signature Here is a step by step with images of making the signatures next week we a will make the covers and the week after assemble it all  –these also make lovely gifts for friends and stitching colleagues etc —

Nuno grid example Nuno Scarf Tutorial–please click on the link to download the pdf   Nuno tutorial-on-making-nuno-scarf

Tutorial on bag making Bag tutorial using a resist (2)

6 thoughts on “Make Beautiful handmade signatures by Chrissie Day

  1. Have you tried to emboss felt? I want to do an ark curtain for a synagogue by using blind embossing of Hebrew lettering in the felt and can’t seem to get a sharp edge or have the felt hold embossing whe hung. Help!


  2. Hi,
    I am getting very interested in felting at the moment and found your lovely site while looking for information. I am having a problem accessing your bangle tutorial – is it just me being a bit slow!

    I would love to have a go at making a bangle – but don’t know how to do it!



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