fine felt for clothing with shibori

fine shibori felt
fine shibori felt

This is the workshop where we start with shibori dying and heat setting our silks and fine merino layers before we put together our jacket,waistcoat,shawl, wrap skirt,whichever it is you are going to pursue with the process.All the dyes are supplied and we will work with microwave and steamers for heat setting the shibori.

Today has been abeautiful day and have spent the time up in the country at my converted chapel just enjoying listening to the peewits as they swoop overhead calling out for a mate,Nigel went outside to clear some stone and the ‘ladies ‘thought it was feed time  again. 
Been playing and developing some new ways to get print and imagery onto the felt in the various stages and alsomaking the new template for the new bag which will be the first to go on sale this year.

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