dyes and transfer dyeing

well received loads of new dyes and have been experimenting with painting my dyes onto paper then transferring onto my pre felts and heat setting,also doing clamp resists. 


I cannot show you any pics as my horrid sony vaio computer has yet again hit the floor and this is the third crash in less than a year it is such a pain  and whilst I can borrow my husbands Mac to write up he  does not have the same software as me for photo work so patience needed to show you what to do –next year so want  to go the colouring symposium in America.

Been doing a new jacket with batts which is working well and pic to come 

More jewelry –felting around found objects to get some brilliant shapes then combining these with my other love wire . Again pics to follow I actually blended all the colours for this necker a mix of 4, then used  the colour as the accent and as the toning in colour choice sequence  ,cutting around found object exposing some within the felt —boring but pics to follow. then use some of your blended colours as individuals.

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