6 thoughts on “The Blue Felted Bag

  1. Chrissie,

    I have been thinking with winter months my hands are getting increasingly dry and hangnails are out the wahzoo. What a terrific idea of putting hands into plastic. I love your idea of relief work as it is so chic. Congrats on a successful and great bag.


  2. Hi Chrissie,

    Great video…Love the song that accompanies it, too:-)

    What a cool way of attaching the handles…You’re so clever!

    Have a great weekend.



  3. Hi Chrissie,

    This has been a weird winter here, too. We’re finally having a warming spell, and all of our snow is melting…Have to say I’m ready for Spring. I was starting to get cabin fever:-) Time to get out and about…My poor dog is tired of his abbreviated walks because I’m too cold!

    Stay bundled up…This cold can’t last too much longer.



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