wOW this has abeen a crazy week with me rushed from home via ambulance in supposed danger of an abcess bursting internally.All I knew was I felt very ill with a high fever.1 week one and the miracles of modern medicine and I am home but on baby food and water until next week and ordered not to work but to rest.

Work it  is not to say a BIG THANKYOU FOR THE EMAILS 542 when I got home, the cards and good wish messages sent to me I am in awe so Thank you everybody.

I am writing podcasts as I lay in bed or sit in my chair so as soon as i get up and running there will be plenty of episodes.I have also been sketching new nuno top designs and ideas for altering surfaces .oops got to go the work police have heard me tapping away

One thought on “Hello

  1. Hope your are feeling better! Baby food and water – I’ve tasted some of my grandson’s baby food – some not all that bad!

    You’ve got my thumb’s up for continue to create while in bed. I’ll look forward to more of your episodes.

    PS. found you on Scoutle


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