4 thoughts on “Podcast posts

  1. Hi Chrissy.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I enjoyed listening to your podcasts. Look forward to seeing where you take this. I’ve not seen buttonholes done like that….I will try it. Great idea!
    Rhode Island


    1. Hi Joei Thanks for listening it is a bit different to blogging and I need to build up the audience do link me if you feel it is worth listening to–LOVE YOUR FLOWERS.



  2. Hi Chrissie,

    Bravo….Great Podcast! The inclusion of the background music was very nice, not at all overbearing, just very pleasant and allowed me to hear your voice just fine. I really enjoy these Podcasts. It’s so nice to have the visuals and audio. Your instructions are so clear…Great job.

    Hope you had a great day Chrissie.

    Take care,


    1. Thanks Dawn sorting this technical stuff out takes some brain power but my new computer does make it easier. Just trying to decide which way to take the podcasts now ,hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer,only 2 weeks to the wedding . Chrissie


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