All the people going places

love that song they are using it to advertise ‘talk talk ‘at the moment so it keeps getting placed in my head .So we have had the election now we have the results and the song playing in my head is ‘The boys are back in town’ we’ll see time will tell.

The fillies are doing great, legs to die for and running and keeping their mothers busy.

The other news is I have had lessons on using the circular sock machine  my lovely named Esme .It has been great fun and an education for me the joy is here in Nottinghamshire we have a unique museum devoted to machine knitting and the cottages they lived in .It is in Ruddington  fabulous place please go and have a look around and meet Helen who will show you the circular sock machines and also go into the workshop and meet  a charming young man on his looms.I have oiled her and placed the needles in and after my coffee and this blog I am going to play .

I have also been busy making a new pattern for a new jacket i made myself think outside the box and am pleased with the results.

Last bit of news do you like doodling then how about this it is called Zentangle I treated myself to the kit amazing I love it have a look at the site.

Keep the entries coming in we have about 10 to date so sure there are more to come it is not hard just colours so come on and send the entries in

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