The Kimono

Holidays are over now got my mojo back again so starting August 9th new workshop to follow on creating new top ‘The Kimono’ so gather your fibres.silks bamboo mat and water soap etc and come join in the fun follow online and produce a Kimono.New sculptural techniques to try.

Day 1 –measuring day and be honest with yourself.Find your ideal jacket length–in my opinion this needs to be between your waist and your hips.this will be your finished length.Neck to shoulder measure and make a note and then shoulder to elbow.

Masure around the widest part of your bust or measure a jacket/top that fits just right.Here is the sketch click on to enlarge.

here it is coloured in showing the essential arm slits a bit better

Essentially today is measuring day and then gather your essential fibres.

I am going to blend some silk and some merino fibres together  and felt onto gauze /turban muslin.I am adding interest with applied extras

We will be making our lengths to your maximum length plus the shrinkage allowance that your chosen fibres test as.So after measuring, swatch today so you know the shrinkage rate and remember if it shows a 30% shrinkage add this % to the length measurements as this will be the length the muslin/gauze is cut to .

interesting names surrounding the kimono garment here

Until tomorrow toodilooxx

4 thoughts on “The Kimono

  1. Yippeee!!! You’re back, and with your mojo, I see…Oh, you make me laugh. I’ll tell you what, those vacations while so much fun, can really take a toll on your “get up and go”. Mine “got up and left” for about a week after our return. Whew-wee, was I tired! I’m going to look around the house and see if I can find my mojo so I’ll be all ready to follow along with the kimono top.

    Hope you had a great weekend…I’ve missed you.



    1. Hi Dawn
      am in the middle of long email to you–promise
      yes my mojo is back so find yours and felt along then you will be in fibremode for later in the month.
      Hugs Chrissie


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