New dyeing

Well  I am playing with dyes for the new felt top which will be winging its away soon away from me .

Using alterego dyes is cool but convinced myself there are other ways to do this and I am working with felt and devore in a big way now .Using my screenprints with discharge paste allows me to burn off the viscose form the cloth leaving the silk which the wool fibres will penetrate through.

You can dye the silk and the viscose 2 differing colours it depends on the balance of the cationic and anionic charges between the fibres and the dyes,hmmm chemistry going on here thank goodness my husband is a scientist.1st dye is to dye the viscose –the darker part so far so good.

Tomorrow also will look at moss greens and raspberry red.

Now I wanted to make the silk part a greeny colour so back into the dye bath,At the moment it is viewed wet and does not look good but as it dried and was then felted onto merino the viscose part was brown and the silk part green.So more colour exploration tomorrow and the doing the big screen printing, both discharge on the velvet and dyeing on the silks including the lovely organzas .






Looking at the piece just part felted on to merino you can see better the two differing colours

3 thoughts on “New dyeing

  1. Wow! This is quite the project…Even had to call in a scientist for a consultation:-) I’ll bet your husband never thought back when he was studying at the university, that he was going to put his skills to use as a fashion consultant:-)

    I can hardly wait to see this…Dyeing, screenprinting…Ooh…I am so excited.



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