Fed up

I have been snowed in and then no water which means no felting as well.

2 weeks to Christmas and cannot get out to get ready oh well could be worse.

4 Comments on “Fed up

  1. Melt that snow Chrissie, might be your only option lol…advice from Canada where, of course,we don’t have snow at the moment…..

    • Thanks –I have been knitting and stitching silk,but I want to felt.I need those gauntlets of yours to keep warm–love the hat too. Take care and Happy Christmas Chrissie we have Siberian weather ‘returning’ next week

  2. Oh Chrissie, you too? I knew that Nicola was in that same boat, but sorry to hear that the ice age seems to have returned to one and all. Hope you’re staying warm and have the cupboards stocked. The rest can wait. Some things we just have no control over, and the weather is definitely one of them.

    Thank heavens you have yarn for knitting and silk for stitching to keep you out of mischief:-)

    Big hugs,

    • Oh well today I got out of the village and appeared on the radio.


      so tune in and listen to my dulcit tones about 2hours into the show I went in at 11.19am until 12.00

      water is now back on and lets get the festivities started –pudding is made will get the tree this weekend been to the butcher and thats it, let the snow come again if it dare

      will post my pressies tomorrow –thank you for all the messages my felting resumes next week . Chrissie

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