The new top

With weather happening and and getting ready for Christmas not a lot done but pleased to say all the screens I had designed for this have now been sent back to me ready courtesy of Aph Screens.

The draft pattern has gone from design pad to brown paper pattern and this is now being scaled up 30% onto thin plastic resist .

I am using a new set of dyes as well which excite me and hope to get loads of tints and tones with Dawns lovely colours.The silks which are done I am pleased with and the discharge paste has worked well. Nothing to show you as Dawn will look and it will spoil the surprise but promise a whole load of imagery  very soon .It has been very exciting for me to take the task of producing imagery for the felt right back to the basics and refresh some old skills to use again . 

5 thoughts on “The new top

  1. Dear Chrissie,
    Go ahead and post a little picture if you’d like, Dawn doesn’t have time to read any of her favorite blogs today. She’s too busy cleaning up the messy house for the soon-to-be arriving company. Therefore, you just know that she wouldn’t take time to read a blog or look at pictures:-) Just too much to do for that.
    Dawn’s soon-to-be-famous typing dog


  2. Ha…Ha…Ha… Dawn… you know what it feels like to be kept in the dark….and Chrissie go ahead and post some pictures….I know Dawn would never look…heee..heee…Your plans with the creation sound exciting. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and just wanted to say…..I LOVE your Christmas Wish tree. Did you write it? Can I share? Hugs….Stephanie Rosiewildwoman Fischer


  3. Dear Chrissie and Stephanie,

    Yogi here again…Gosh I love to use the computer. Anyway, I think she’s still in the kitchen cooking and cleaning… Good heavens you should see the mess in there!!!! So go on ahead and post that picture. I won’t let her peek. Oh, and I read your Christmas Wish tree to my mom (Dawn to you), and she really liked it, too. Said that Chrissie is one talented woman:-)

    Yogi signing out for now.


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