Creative Beauty

I appreciate skill ,beauty,art and when all three are combined as in this piece by an artist such as Eva at

Tinctory then I have to treat myself. I am low from being ill with the flu and dizziness for so long and this piece called Timekeeper is to remind me time will have its own pace.

I bought it  from seeing on screen and her other pieces .

1st I tried to persuade her to do a silk dyeing workshop–answer No then I asked her to dye me some  custom silk -answer No.

So I bought the piece and today it arrived as I came home .It is exquisite and I shall wear it always .the silk, the stitching, the wirework, the beading is incredible and delicate but strong  and meaningful.If you have time go and look at this artists website. Thank you Eva This Timepiece I will treasure forever and enjoy wearing every day.

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  1. Yes, I love the beautiful jewelry made by Tinctory. I’ve looked at it before and it’s gorgeous! Lucky you:-) You have such good taste!


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