Sense of Humour

Haha who says my husband does not have a sense of humour.I adore butternut squash and smoked bacon soup.But I think the squashes are a bit ugly looking.

So imagine my laughter when I come through into the kitchen this morning to see 3 smiling faces looking at me .

The last laugh is on me though because soon Nigel will have them in the pot and I will have beautiful soup to enjoy.My husband makes the best soups ever and freezes portions to be enjoyed all week —–love it.

Back to work have dyes to mix up for screen printing Dawns top.

One thought on “Sense of Humour

  1. Whoo-Hooo!!!! You must be feeling better…I can hear the healthy, happy Chrissie coming through loud and clear.

    Yum, homemade soup…Same thing here…We’re making up our shopping list as I type.

    Oh, I probably wasn’t supposed to notice that last line…Not too worry…Out of sight, out of mind;-)

    Big hugs,


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